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Shredded (2014)

by Tracy Wolff(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
0804176841 (ISBN13: 9780804176842)
Extreme Risk
review 1: I cannot lie. This book was not what I was better. I ended up feeling a bigger connection with the characters than I had expected. I found myself rooting for Ophelia and Z and all their friends whether it was during their competitions or their personal lives. I thought the baggage Ophelia was lugging around was pretty deep, until I finally found out what was tormenting Z -- tears, actual tears filled my eyes.
review 2: Finished up Shredded, the first book in the Extreme Risk series by Tracy Wolff this week. I actually read this series out of order, if you remember I reviewed book one, Shattered a few months ago.Thankfully I don't think reading them out of order took anything away from the story, but I would suggest you try to read Shredded first
... more. This book is written in duel points of view between our hero, Z and our heroine, Ophelia. Ophelia seemed realistic and as a character I could relate to her.While I really liked both our main characters, Z was certainly my favorite. I read a little bit about him in book 2, but wasn't sure if I would love him in his own book. Z just seems so cocky. Well I'm happy to say, Z is cocky, but I loved it. I think I loved him more in this book than I did Ash in his book. Z is just so protective and he falls so hard and fast, just the way I like my heroes.Tracy Wolff has a way of giving characters secrets then slowly giving the readers hints into what those secrets may be. Sometimes, those hints are painfully slow comings and what is suppose to be suspense and wonder just ends up annoyance. Shredded doesn't quite reach that level, but there were a few times when I just wanted to scream, "Tell us already!".I'm interested to see where this series goes, because the stuff with Cam is going to hit a head at some point and honestly I don't want her to end up with Luc, he deserves better. He deserves to find a hot wonderful chick to fall in love with and never think of Cam again. Then Cam can just go away... is it obvious I don't really like her. :) Alright, enough of me talking about this circle of friends as if they are my won. I'll let you read the series, starting with Shredded and decide what you think of everyone. less
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It wouldn't have hurt to have made it a little longer. More chase. More something.
I thought it was a very powerful story. can't wait for the next book.
omg....sooo boring
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