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Promise To Believe In, A (2008)

by Tracie Peterson(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 5
Bethany House Publishers
Land of Shining Water
review 1: This, like the first one, was simple but good. Emmyline Knox was forced to break off her engagement to the man she loved, Tavin MacLaughlin, when her two younger sisters died. She was now the youngest daughter, and because of an old tradition, she had to stay unmarried to tend to her parents. Tavin and Emmyline reunite eleven years later and they are still in love. Pretty predictable, but if it turned out differently than predicted, I would have been mad.
review 2: Because of traditional family obligations and due to a sudden, tragic event, Emmalyne’s impending marriage to Tavin is canceled by her father. The family moves away, but years later, circumstance finds the two families again living in the same town. But what the future holds for these two is anyo
... morene’s guess, and you probably can. This tale had potential, but fell short of expectations. The characters were not realistic and mostly one-dimensional. The father was too domineering, the mother too frail and weak, and the daughter too compliant. The plot was predictable and not especially well written. Even the Christian subplot seemed contrived and not real. Nothing to offend in the story, but nothing to commend it, either. less
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I had a tough time getting through this. Way overboard on religious comments in the text.
Although the series does not go together this book was just as engaging as the first.
Can't wait for number 3!
Review to come.
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