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The Hatchery (2000)

by Tom Isbell(Favorite Author)
2.38 of 5 Votes: 2
The Hatchery
review 1: I can tell why this book has low ratings. So let me start a list... 1. There's mispronunciation and the grammar is pretty bad and needs to be fixed.2. The wording of the story makes the readers not want to continue to read.3. Most of the characters in the story are barely mentioned.4. No background information on the "camps" are mentioned. So the audience doesn't know how the camps and the world came to be.5. Not at all like Maze runner and Hunger Games, the only reason why it was compared to them was because this story was a survival type, and dystopian, and the maze runner and hunger games are the most common and popular topics in the category and was decided to be compared to them. But in my opinion, this is a mixture of The Program, and delirium. Which are 2 series' th... moreat are not on my too lists... But maybe soon they wil be when I have a chance to read the whole series... Hmmm... 6. The characters are barely developed (but then again it's only the first one and supposedly in the sequel, they go on a bigger exploration and hopefully the characters and background information are mentioned there). Anyway.... This book had the potential and the originality to make it popular and far, it's just the way it was written didn't really do the book justice. I liked it. And I got an ARC so maybe the story will be modified alittle bit since I got it 3 months before the publication date. So let's hope xD Oh and before I forget, this story has lots of action, adventure, (romance built but barely), and horrible people that will frustrate you and constantly you would want to throw the book out the window. So yeah, this book isn't for everybody, if you liked The Program, and Delirium trilogy, you'll probably like this one. :)
review 2: This one started off so strong and then it just... lost focus. The characters would be in an insanely horrific situation and then suddenly be worried about trivial things. Concerns would have been palatable and maybe even understandable except for the fact that they didn't seem to fit into the world Isbell had introduced at the beginning of the book. I found it so distracting!I've seen lots of negative comments about the descriptions and writing, but I didn't have as much of an issue with that - it really was the lack of focus and cohesive elements that fell short during my reading.Give this one a try but, if you're losing interest at 50 pages or so, set it aside. less
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*Recvd 08/28/2014 via Edelweiss* Expected publication: January 20th 2015 by HarperTeen
Not bad, but it didn't have that WOW factor for me.
I blame Blythe.
2 1/2...
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