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Sweet Southern Sorrow (2000)

by Tessa Teevan(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 2
Sweet Southern
review 1: 4 starsSweet Southern Sorrow is about one magical summer when Cheyenne experienced all of her firsts; first love, first real relationship, first time, and first real heartache. Six years seems to fly by though while Cheyenne was away at school. She never quit thinking about that first love and she never expected him to be her boss all those years later.Sawyer Callahan is swoon worthy yummy goodness! He truly fell in love with his pretty girl that summer. They spent hours out by the lake talking and loving until that terrible night they went to dinner with their parents. After that Chey left him a note and a goodbye. He never forgot her, never loved again, and never thought to see her again until he walked into that conference room and there she sat, his pretty girl was bac... morek in Georgia.Will working together be too much for them? Will all the unresolved feelings and questions of the past get in the way today? Will they even think of rekindling their relationship or is there just too much hurt and pain standing in their way?I adored SSS. From the Prologue to the Epilogue I was lost in this love story. I was right there with them at that lake and I was there in the conference room and saw the sparks. That's how wonderfully well this book was written. I hope you all take time out and read it!
review 2: Tessa Teevan is a go to author of mine so I could not wait to get my grubby little hands on this book and I was not disappointed. Though this book is different than other book she has written, Sweet Southern Sorrow has all of the elements I love about Tessa’s writing. Sweet Southern Sorrow is a beautiful story about a second chance at first love. Sawyer and Cheyenne meet the summer before Cheyenne heads to her first year at Berkley and Sawyer returns to Auburn. It’s a summer of first and the classic story of summer love but there is a twist. As the end of the summer approaches, neither one of them ready to part ways, Cheyenne leaves for Berkeley when a big secret is revealed. She felt that she was doing what was best for them both at the time and both of them have many regrets as time goes by. Fast forward years later when they cross paths again, they both realize that maybe them parting ways would be the thing that brought them back together.This story is exactly what I LOVE about a great romance novel. Loveable characters who are developed beautifully. An interesting but not overly filled plot line and a story that gives me a lot of different feels. There were times where I was laughing, crying and just totally swooning. Cheyenne is a very likeable character- a strong female who can admit her faults. Sawyer was the perfect blend of sweet and sexy. When you are 18% into a book and you are both frustrated at and rooting for the characters at the same time, you know you are reading a gem. And that is exactly what Sweet Southern Sorrow is- a beautiful story that stays with you long after you read it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it left me that feeling that just makes you want to sigh- in a great way! I give this story 5 feel good stars!*I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review**Review to be posted on FMR Book Grind less
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This is a sweet story about young love and the reconection later in life.
3.5 StarsEasy, light, second chance romance. Good in-betweener type book.
so cute!
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