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Amari: How Far Will She Go For Freedom? (2013)

by Steven Atwood(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: Amari is a sci-fi futuristic thriller that combines a gamut of emotions and some of the seven deadly sins along with plenty of violent killings with modern guns and ammunition that can evaporate flesh. Earth is only one of the planets now inhabited by humankind and the ruler is one person who is ruthless, greedy, deceitful and dangerous to all.Amari, the protagonist, is a pirate who was brought into this life when at age six her parents were killed and she was adopted by the person who murdered them, a pirate. She learns to be a merciless killer and steals valuable ore from the government and sells it to others to build up her wealth. She is enlisted by the government to capture and bring a dangerous criminal named Chloee, a computer hacker, to justice. After Amari meets C... morehloee she finds herself tormented by what she has done in her past and begins to doubt herself. When she learns that she is being hunted by the same government that hired her she decides to use her skills toward doing good for others.This was an action-packed, fast-paced thriller that kept my interest right to the end. The only negatives were the many editing issues, missing words and inconsistent verb tenses. It could use a good editing to polish it up. I gave it five stars because it was an enjoyable read. It would get three and a half for editing.
review 2: Amari By Steven AtwoodAmari is a science fiction, dystopian future, space adventure where the UN took over the running of the known universe after the GFC. They became power hungry tyrants that basically became thought police. They shipped people off to Mars to be “Re-educated” in the mines and others who escaped colonised Europa and beyond, creating places ripe for piracy and black market trading. I think I was hoping for Firefly and was sorely disappointed. I also thought I could read around the religious aspects of the book but couldn’t. The idea that all the religious people were calm and righteous and all those against religion were cruel, callous and fear their own death more than anything else really grated on me. Mainly because I read science fiction because it reflects the world quite well and I don’t see this as the way the world is. Simple being religious does not suddenly make you a perfect person as it seemed to do in this story.The further you go in the book the more grammatical errors there are, which slows down the reading process dramatically. If religion is the saviour of you world and you like science fiction with that flavour, this would be a great book for you but not me.I received this book from Library Thing’s Members Giveaways. less
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Amari rekindled my respect for the sci-fi genre. Great characters in a flowing and solid story line.
This book is what rekindled my affection for sci-fi. Great storyline with relatable characters.
Can't read it if there is no link to add it to my bookshelf. It sounds interesting though!
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