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The Geneva Trap (2012)

by Stella Rimington(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 2
1608198723 (ISBN13: 9781608198726)
Bloomsbury USA
Liz Carlyle
review 1: Even though this is a cold week in March, this book made me think of a good beach read. It was engaging, had a plot that kept moving and I liked the two main characters. While the experimental drones are part of today's military, the spycraft seemed left over from the Cold War. Maybe old methods are still used. This is the first Liz Carlyle novel I've read. I liked the character enough to try another one....maybe during the real beach season.
review 2: This is the sixth Liz Carlyle novel written by the former director of Britain's MI-5. Over the series the character has developed and this most recent novel is among her best. The story has its beginnings in Geneva, but much of it, including he dénouement revolve around France. As in other novels several
... morestrains of stories are involved, two of them coming together in the end. The story is suspenseful and the insight into the workings of the British security services seems well-informed. Overall an enjoyable series that I hope will continue. less
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First book by Stella Rimmington that I have read, will shortly read rest in this series
There is more plot in an episode of Danger Mouse.
My favorite in the series so far.
A solid spyful page turner.
Quick modern spy read.
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