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Dark Union (2012)

by S.M. Reine(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
Red Iris Books
review 1: Dark Union is book #3 in the Descent series. Although I love this series, this installment fell a little flat.This book is more emotionally darker than the others. Anthony and Elise are grieving for their loss of Betty and James is barely present. We watch Anthony slip further into depression and overall sadness. Elise is on the same path, only her job as a demon hunter is a great distraction. Her old friend, Lucas, contacts her for a favor. He needs them to attend the angel/demon summit as himself and his wife. Elise agrees, but this causes a whole new set of problems. The Union attacks them, questioning/accusing them as being murders of one of their people. Elise sets out to find the truth, hoping her friend Lucas didn't commit the crime. The writing is still good, but t... morehe plot didn't seem to develop this time around. Elise and Anthony are basically not speaking to one another - there is no connection there (not that there really ever was), James is MIA most of the book (which I didn't like) and we lose Betty, Anthony's cousin. Now, I don't like character deaths in books, but Betty didn't do much for me anyway. So, this really leaves us with Elise and Anthony, and I dislike Anthony! The story wasn't as interesting as before and I felt like their character's hit a stalemate. I'm not saying the book wasn't good, but the book didn't grab me like the others. I'm going to continue the series, of course, and have started book four already. Hopefully, we see more advancement with the plot and the characters themselves.
review 2: This was a nice filler and a great way to introduce the Union, a couple of bullies wanting to militant the kopides on earth. We were also introduced to some interesting characters related to Elise's past, and we were teased with yet more mysteries and questions about Elise Kavanagh, the greatest kopide.No, there's no new development between her and James. She's a real seemingly heartless witch in this installment, and in the beginning, it was so bad that I was shocked. But don't worry, if you understand that it's just depression pressing down on an already damaged woman, her attitude and lack of much sympathy will make sense.I recommend the first three 100%+ because they're free so you won't feel cheated out of your money if you don't like it. Take a chance on Reine. You'll either despise her or worship her work. less
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Shorter than the first two in this series. The first two were much better.
I wish it had been longer.
Reine kills it again!
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