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The Payback (2011)

by Simon Kernick(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 2
0593062884 (ISBN13: 9780593062883)
Bantam Press
Dennis Milne
review 1: Very fond of Simon Kernick as a thriller/crime writer and this does not disappoint. Yes, it has to be said there is little in the way of deep character development but what this book lacks in deep intelligent literary thought it makes up for in the ferocious action that starts on page one and does not let up until the if you want to escape from the toils and tribulations of daily life...let facebook go....forget emails...switch off the telly and settle down to good old fashioned storytelling....come on you know you want to and you will not be disapponted :)) The Payback sees the pairing of Tina Boyd and Dennis Milne in a fast and exciting romp in The Phillippines, both characters are flawed and frankly appear to put very little value on life some might even say h... moreiding a death wish but this only notches up the action for the reader. The book is brought to a great conclusion and neatly closed some of the running storylines and themes and there is an excellent little postscript from the author.
review 2: Simon Kernick acknowledges that he has a particular fondness for the character of Dennis Milne, former rogue cop who lives as a fugitive in Asia, earning his crust as a professional hitman working for a shady businessman. Kernick certainly writes his best material when Milne is involved, somehow conveying the balance between killer and man with conscience. In The Payback, this balance comes to the fore as Milne rejects his latest contract to team up with (DI) Tina Boyd to bring down the evil crime lord, Paul Wise. Boyd is herself is a maverick, and although she initially detests Milne they have focus on a common goal and a certain chemistry develops. The action is fast and furious, as you would expect from Kernick, and the book has a bit of a James Bond feel as Milne & Boyd fight injustice in the shape of Mr Evil (Wise) in foreign climes (Manila). There is a bitter sadness to Milne's plight but an ultimate conclusion and redemption. If you like a good Kernick tale, The Payback will not disappoint. less
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The first book i'm reading of Simon Kernick, I must say I'm gonna read many more of his writings :)
A pleasant thriller that bounces along merrily. Overall not a bad read.
Reads like a straight to DVD adaptation starring Danny Dyer.
5 October 2012
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