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Unfettered (2013)

by Shawn Speakman(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 3
0984713638 (ISBN13: 9780984713639)
Grim Oak Press
review 1: Awesome collection of Fantasy shorts curated by Shawn Speakman. Terry Brooks deftly summarizes the book in his story Imaginary Friends and Patrick Rothfuss does something completely different. I got another fix of Shawn's DarkThorn world and Naomi Novik's Dragons. These alone were worth the price of admission. With roughly 20 other authors contributing to this anthology, I found some great new works to check out and got familiar with a few authors that I'm not likely to read in depth. Masterfully put together, I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys the Fantasy realms.
review 2: What an accomplishment to get all these fantasy writers to write anything in less than 500 pages. There were several that were really good and some I would have enjoyed more if I wa
... mores familiar with the series the characters were from. My favorite was one by Tad Williams. The book opens with a delightful tale of a child diagnosed with cancer who fights it with "imaginary friends" I'm not telling other than one is a dragon. less
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There were a handful of great stories. The rest I couldn't be bothered with.
Really fabulous, an excellent introduction to a plethora of fantasy authors!
This anthology revived my love of fiction/fantasy short stories.
Good reading and the money goes to a worthwhile purpose.
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