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by Sharon G. Flake(Favorite Author)
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0545057183 (ISBN13: 9780545057189)
Scholastic Press
review 1: Autumn is the only girl wrestler at her school, but that doesn’t stop her from moving up. Her physical strength and her mental ability to change her body’s positions intimidate others. However she can’t seem ti apply that same effort to her school work. She is many grades behind in reading and failing math. Adonis on the other hand loves school and is the smartest kid in their 9th gread class. In a wheelchair because of birth defects that has left him without legs at all. Adonis survived a sever bully attack that almost killed him. Both Adonis and autumn are struggling with big problems in their lives and tell their stories by taking turns by each chapter. None of these characters are perfect. Overlooking her strength autumn is needy and very pushy. Adonis is proud o... moref those who will not try to excel. They aren’t really even friends, but autumn wishes they were so much more. The author has declined here to make you think the book you are reading. She had a heroine who is strong physically and mentally. She makes the readers bend their heads and body’s with her headland flirtatious with Adonis. Adonis could have been that weird snaillike disabled character that everyone would recognized. But instead here he is prickly and judgmental not just to autumn but also to everyone around him her lives his life relying where he can peg people into categories. The author ties both characters into their parent’s. Autumns parents have GED’s and can’t read that well. Adonis mother is very educated and makes sure he will have a bright future academically. Both characters struggle with disabilities. The author makes sure the readers will be surprised to find that all loose ends between the two are tied up neatly. Autumn stays flirtious and contuse to do bad in school and Adonis remains unfriendly to the opinions to people around him.
review 2: Really enjoyed the voices of Autumn and Adonis, although I wouldn't say I liked the characters themselves--both self-absorbed and short-sighted in the way that so many adolescents seem to be. (Maybe the characterisation's a little too realistic?) Great look at visible and invisible disabilities from the point of view of young people. Also loved seeing the supportive adults in their lives--normally in urban YA literature the home lives are a complete mess. less
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I dropped this book. It was going noware and i just found it slow
a re-read; liked it better this time.
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