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Lux Ex Tenebris (2014)

by Sandrine Gasq-Dion(Favorite Author)
4.33 of 5 Votes: 1
Skull Blaster Publishing LLC
The 12 Olympians
review 1: 2.5 stars. Maybe I've read too many from this series recently, so that's why this one seemed so redundant. Killian as a puppy was very cute, and his lack of social graces was endearing. But elements of this same storyline played better in "Strange Addiction" and "By the Light of the Moon." Even though he was the son of a god, Stone was very blah as an MC. Nothing stood out about him to me. There wasn't enough build to his relationship with Killian -- from innocent and "I'm not ready" to "you're the one" and sex expert in the matter of a couple of dates. Keeping track of who is who in this series is a job unto itself and can get very confusing, but I do like revisiting some of these characters. That's always perk when diving into one of these books.
review 2: Be
... more forewarned that this is the 3rd installment of the spinoff series from the Assassin/Shifters world that is 24 books long and counting. Would reading the original series help? Probably - but the cast of characters is huge regardless. Did this affect my reading pleasure since I have not done so either? Maybe a bit. However these are still quite enjoyable and how can you not be intrigued with a cover like that? Killian was a very sympathetic character having spent the majority of his life tortured in a lab. His cluelessness in all things such as pop culture, slang, food, and ultimately love and sex made him especially endearing. There's an overall story arc going on here and the friendships and camaraderie are always nice to witness. less
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Very cute edition. Stone and Killian were sweet.
My new favorite couple. Loved this book.
Thrilled to read Killian's story!
My favorite Olympian so far!!
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