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Aliens In Paris (2014)

by Sally Ann Melia(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 4
1291915893 (ISBN13: 9781291915891)
Sally Dickson
review 1: I won this on GR.This Book is so little that you can read it in minutes.This book is all about just inviting people to Paris I guess.(A Tourism sponsored thingy? I really don't know). Two hot studs who are the aliens visit Paris drink champagne, smoke and are typical men (Trying to woo women no matter which planet you are in). They are always surrounded by the government officials belonging to France & USA.USA is the bad guy in the book and Paris is the wonderful destination chosen by Aliens for their '1st' visit and also is a wonderful host to the Aliens who claim that Earth is their sector for which they fought with some enemy.(So in all probability the first land they would occupy would be Paris/So much for fancying about Aliens)The Princelings /Aliens take the European... mores on a ride in their spaceship.(And some odd likeable Americans which are very rare I presume.;).End of story.(Ohh Wait there is no story in this book!) Take this book along if you are visiting Paris and don't know which places to see.P.S- I actually expected a good novel seeing the title but there is no development of the story here and I guess there would be a sequel to this which probably tells us more about Eiffel tower or something but doesn't care about the plot, So not interested.I am sorry if you find my review harsh.Regards- Kavya Seetala.
review 2: I've sat on this book for a week...more, much more. Don't get me wrong, it took no time to read (and enjoy, let me get that out too), it's just I didn't know what to think, what to write. Then I figured it out, I was over thinking this, I'm allowed to sit and read and enjoy the theatre and farce as two aliens shop 'in and around Rue de la Pompe before checking into the discrete yet luxurious St James' while the Americans position themselves centre stage without having to think 'why?'. And enjoy it I did! I haven't read a short story since my school days and I feel I've missed a trick, now I'm going to reread and mull over the why's! less
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A book that I really enjoyed and I think is definitely worth reading.
Fantastic little read. Great to fill a little time. Short and sweet.
A thin plot, riddled with typos. *Goodreads First Read Review*
Wow! Seems interesting. Wanna read it.
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