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Jeux De Rôles (2014)

by Roxanne St. Claire(Favorite Author)
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2290073121 (ISBN13: 9782290073124)
J'ai Lu
The Guardian Angelinos
review 1: When I picked up the book and started reading it, my first thought was, that it was a odd start to begin a book and after about 90 pages I had quite a crush on Colt. I decided to take a look, because I wanted to know how many books the series had and I finally realised that I started to read the 3rd book first. But the story and the characters already had me on a hook, that I had to keep reading it.I really liked the story and up until the end I wasn't sure who the red carpet killer was, because there were too many suspect at hand. I like how everything unfolded and ended.The two main characters made a huge part of the story too. I liked Colt instantly and I liked his dynamics with Vivi.I will definitely now check out the first two book get the rest of the sto... moreries.
review 2: This is the first book I read in the Guardian Angelinos series and it was great. Vivi is a bit of an unusual heroine with her spiky hair and skateboard, but I loved her. She is smart and ambitious and seems to have no fear. And then there's Colton Lang, FBI Special Agent Hottie. I seem to really like heroes who are nice guys and Colton is one of the nicest. He is totally by-the-book and it was a great contrast to Vivi who is guts and passion. Vivi's backstory made sense with the plot and wasn't exploited. I liked how St. Claire wove it in and let us know in pieces what all had happened to Vivi in the past. The end has twist after twist after twist. Even knowing that, I couldn't predict what was going to happen and it just had me gripping the book that much harder. Fabulous romantic suspense! Can't wait for more in this series! less
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Loved it....wrapped up the series perfectly!
My fav Roxanne st. Claire book!
Always sad when a series ends.
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