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Goth Girls Don't Taste Like Chicken (Me And My Friend Maddie Gothic Book Series, #1) (2012)

by Robert Tomoguchi(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 1
0615655378 (ISBN13: 9780615655376)
Ink Bleed Books
review 1: I started reading this book with high hopes. Unfortunately, I was somewhat disappointed. It was extremely short (I read it in about 30 minutes), the narrator is never named, and the grammar, sentence structure and who it itself is written is pretty terrible. It's as if someone is just relaying the story to a friend, but they haven't yet mastered basic English. I liked the actual story; it was really cute and funny. But it's how it was written that caused my low rating. But, I would still take the couple minutes and read it if you have the chance!
review 2: GOTH GIRLS DON'T TASTE LIKE CHICKEN. I mean, how could I NOT read a book with this title?!And, from the words of the narrator himself, as quoted in Goodreads, the description just draws you in: "This is gonn
... morea be a story about this time we went to a goth club and almost got killed by some weirdo and then almost killed somebody else, and in the process discovered that goth girls don't taste like chicken. Not one bit"Hillarious!So this goth girl and goth guy randomly get stalked by a weird guy with a chainsaw, then they get harrased by the guy's father at work, so they get revenge by making the father and son find out what goth girls taste like.GROSS! I want to tell what creepy thing happened -- but you need to read it to find out!If you like funny, random, quirky, weird, off-the-wall stuff that makes no sense (in a GOOD way), give this one a shot. less
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cute/funny. has real goth moments i remember from clubbing. REads like my friends talk lol
Absolutely HILARIOUS, It kept me entertained on my most boring work days!
One of my favorite books. Love the series.
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