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The William S Club (2000)

by Riley Banks(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The William S Club by author Riley Banks was kindly provided through The Shut Up and Read Groups Read It and Reap. While the blurb was alluring, I did not feel this was strongly written, and overall lacked the originality I desired. I thought the beginning was indeed promising, but was downhill from there. A choppy flow of unnecessary description and other areas lacking really threw me off. I would read more from this author.
review 2: I am so glad i chose this book for R4R. This story is crazy good. It deals with crime, sc-fi, conspiracy, love, murder, fraud and a couple other things but mainly LIES. It all starts with William S Harvey the scientist who builds a time machine and goes back in time to buy property he knows will be cheap thus amassing his great e
... morempire. Some where down the line an employee(Paul Baker) follows him down to his basement where the time machine is kept and his whole secret is blown. It goes down hill from there. Bill, Williams son, has Helen Baker and Scott killed and her husband sent to prison leaving their daughter in foster care. Then he has his own wife killed because she heard a conversation between him and his father and almost succeeds in killing his own daughter when she learns what really happened to her mother. Twenty something years later the William S Club, made up of him, his father and his son, go after Victoria aka Charlotte and her father who is now released from prison. They come up with this big scheme of a press trip when all it really is is a trick to draw out Paul by using his daughter as bait and to get ammo for blackmail on the journalists who came on the trip. One by one people start dropping like flies on this trip. First Charlotte almost dies, then her friend and fellow journalist Miranda dies, along with Zac Wilson who tried to kill Charlotte and Nancy Robertson who killed herself cause she found out she was being blackmailed and couldnt take it because she knew her parents had seen the photos, and Mark Barclay who almost dies himself either because they're getting too close to the truth or they were loose ends that were no longer needed. In the end it all sirals out of control. He kills his father for disinheriting him and his son, they both go to jail for murder, fraud, assault, blackmail and many other things which was all for nothing cause people still found out about their big secret and Charlotte was able to lay her past to rest after years of running and being ashamed of it. Awesome story. Just a tad hard to follow sometimes cause i wouldnt know who was talking sometimes but otherwise great. less
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wow. I could hardly put it down. fantastic book
Just couldn't keep up with the book.
Amazon (ebook) freebie 2/15/13
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