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Get The Life You Want: The Secrets To Quick And Lasting Life Change With Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2008)

by Richard Bandler(Favorite Author)
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0757307760 (ISBN13: 9780757307768)
Health Communications
review 1: I had heard a bit about NLP before (I had a friend who was coach who was talking about it all the time). I found this to be a good introduction. I dont know yet if the tecniques that Brandler put forward here really works so I have to come back on that. Anyway it caught my interest to NLP. About the exercises: I could see memories like movies and images, and framed and without frame, and it is true that some images are smaller than others. For me a totally new way of looking (but I have clearly been seeing this way before uncountiously). And I brought a very good memory and I had a fabolous tickling sensation in my arms. All these very cool. Just read the book, its worth it just for the fun not least to discover these and other ways of looking at your mind. /Johan :)PS Bra... morendler seem to be a little bit of a crook somehow, but I enjoy listening to him. He speaks easily enough for everyone to understand. His former co-partner, John Grinder, on the other hand seems totally unintelligble. I am Swedish, maybe its some kind of language inferiority complex I have when I listen to him... But, he says things like "Ecologically speaking and so forth". ?????
review 2: Being a student of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP (NLP in simple words is the language of your how your mind operates) since the age of 21 but never taking it seriously until last year (that is nearly 13 years later), I still hear so much of controversy which shrouds a discipline that is not yet accepted into mainstream science. Nevertheless, today NLP has become a vital part of all organizations, training programs and self-help sessions both in the corporate and professional world. And this credit goes to the man who made it big - Anthony Robbins; who brought to the world map and is today a multi-million dollar industry. But over here, if Anthony Robbins can be considered as the Arnold Schwarzenegger of NLP – the man who made it famous, then it is time to meet the Joe Weider of NLP – the founders or the men who started it all. And over here you have two people Richard Bandler and John Grinder. This is a book written by one of the Co-creators of NLP – Richard Bandler. So how does the book fare to a reader?On the positive side.- This book is very simple, easy to understand and very user-friendly.- It is more of a work book and less of just a book to read and put down.- The author has not used many difficult terminologies to confuse the reader. - It outlines functionality in different spheres of life – like love, money, decision making, phobias and how to change beliefs and habits. On the side of it short-comings- The book has too much of unwanted fluff and at times, too many words to describe instances which will waste your time if you are the type who reads each and every word.- The historical background of NLP was never mentioned or stated.- If someone is new to NLP and does not know what NLP is all about – he will surely be lost and may not want to complete the book- The book could have been edited to fit the pattern as a work book and also have separate headings & boxes where stories would fit in – something in the likes of ‘The Dummies’ series. - More examples could have been given - The book lacked excitement - The Audio CD was nothing but a trance inducing CD. I felt had he given a DVD with a video performance, that would have added more value.Overall verdictThis is a book good enough for you provided you are an NLP enthusiast. But for me as a student of NLP, I was disappointed with the content that was provided. And mind you, this book is not just for easy reading or for knowledge – it will have its impact only and only if the activities and exercises mentioned there are followed. Overall rating – 4 out 10. less
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Great primer to Neuro-Linguistic Programming written in easy to understand language.
Great introduction to NLP, great exercises, great overview!
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