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What You Should Be Doing in January Instead of Your New Years Resolutions

I am conflicted with the idea of New Years resolutions. On the one hand, I think goals are not only helpful but CRUCIAL for success. On the other hand, the idea of a “New Years resolution” oftentimes comes with panic, anxiety, and pressure.

Your New Years resolution can easily become your New Years failure and leaves you feeling like one too. 

Starting December 26th we are bombarded with incredible weight loss programs on sale, waived starting fees for new gym memberships, nutritionists and coaches and trainers offering BOGO sessions, and endless amounts of discounts on fitness apparel, shoes, supplements, and products that you *n e e d* to reach those New Years goals.

All of this can amount to you feeling pressure and urgency to set goals for a “new-year-new-you” when you might not be ready to really make that commitment. Which is why January 1st the gym is PACKED (trust me I know… I went yesterday