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Those Little Red Flags

If you’re here I assume you’ve been on a date before.

A real, human date.

Have you ever been on a real human date and thought “oh my God, this person is absolutely f*cked, how do I leave?!” And then you’re sneaking out the bathroom window, with only a whisper of your perfume and a dinner bill left for your date.

What made you leave? What were your warning signs, or rather your red flags?

I’m not saying that there are perfect people in this world that have no issues and they just radiate sunshine and joy 24/7 and you must find them to truly be happy and in love. But, to an extent there are people that will make you feel like that… and they are not the people that have their red flags flying high!

Many men and women have realized by now that the millennial dating scene has slim pickings and they allow themselves to ignore the warning signs.

How many times have you thought that you could change someone, or ignore their flaws? I am going to assume probably a lot. So how has that worked out for you? Asking for a friend…

It’s easy to settle and it’s easy to simply get over things that bother you for some half-ass lovin’. But, you’ve got to realize… aren’t you better than that?

Don’t you want to find someone who fits the bill and you don’t need to ignore the fact that their on a whole other vibe compared to you? I do. I really really am interested in finding someone like this, and I truly believe that you are too.

So I asked around, what are some red flags for young women IRL and URL?

What are some things to notice, and to avoid on first encounters?

  • Someone who lacks any motivation or ambition, someone coasting off daddy’s money is a serious red flag. No reason for education, no reason for work… it shows a lack of commitment and it proves to you that there is no such thing as hard-earned money for them. If you’re coming from a place where money is tight, how are you supposed to relate to this person?
  • There is a high chance if your partner is a spoiled twat that they will probably treat those around you like peasants. If your date is rude to the waitstaff, not smiling for anything and is just overall a jerk that is a red flag. I assume you want someone who is joyful, honest and warm. Those who treat others with disrespect? Well, they should get that disrespect back in the form of a disappearing act at dinner. Maybe they love magic! Find out.
  • P is a firm believer of smell being a warning sign and a no-go. If someone smells, their hygiene is whack and they need some serious help. Red flag for sure (unless they are the hippie no shower type and that’s your thing… you do you). However, she is not only shallow to smells. If your date is talking about themselves constantly and has no real interest in what you have to say? Probably a red flag and probably a psycho. If the conversation doesn’t flow there is a high chance that you two won’t vibe, and your relationship will be based on the mutual love of your partner’s great day at the gym.
  • If your date is clearly saying/doing things to seem cool that is a major red flag! A hell no! If you put on a front because you feel the need to be cool and make things less uncomfortable, that is not a healthy start up. Dates are supposed to be uncomfortable, because your comfort zone is a place where fun isn’t had and if you want to get down and dirty you know that’s not going to be comfortable to start, so why fake who you are?  So you’re on the third date and you’re about to get jiggy with it by… talking about things that are seemingly trendy and interesting? To make up for the fact that maybe you’re kind of boring? Talking about some stupid cool trend like bitcoin? No thank you.

Let’s get awkward let’s get weird because that’s when the fun is had. Have fear! It’s natural, so be yourself.

  • If their social media is littered with pictures of them with those of the opposite sex, RED FLAG. PLAYER. ABORT SHIP. Seriously, unless he has a bunch of sisters that he casually goes to Drai’s with and gets bottle service with them? Can him ASAP before you become a girl in a photo. It is seriously not worth the stress because who are all these women? Just friends? With a hand on the hip like that you must know he’s full of it. Don’t allow yourself to be a trophy when you know  you’re a very special present. Not something to be won. Also if his entire insta is dedicated to weed, grow up and talk to me after. Seriously.
  • If your significant either doesn’t like your friends, doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends or family, or clearly doesn’t make space for you in his life? Red flags. A bunch of them, flying in the sky like it’s Independence Day in Tennessee. Get the hell away from me.
  • I am known to not give second chances. Rude, right? I know. I also don’t really care anymore though. If I meet a guy who is constantly checking his phone… I get confused. Like, you’re on a date with me. What else could seriously be better right now? Are you making sure you’re meeting the right match on Tinder? (rude) If my man is only staring at my feet and doesn’t have a foot fetish, I get worried. Eye contact is a sign of confidence and openness, and it is simply a mature move. If your partner isn’t capable of looking at you straight in the eye then something is seriously up. They’re either already cheating, have been cheated on, or they are actually super into foot stuff. Also, watch out for the infamous awful texter but avid snapper. I don’t understand how you take three hours to text someone back but open their snap in the first 18 seconds.
What are some of your red flags? Do you agree? Comment below and let me know what you think.

Good luck out there my lovelies!




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