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Sometimes comfort is the only thing…

When you have a chronic illness that there is no cure for, sometimes the only thing that you can do is be comfortable. I can’t tell you how many spoonies I know that where Lularoe leggings, giant over sized sweaters, super fuzzy socks, and a giant over sized blanket. No medicine is going to change the fact that I feel like crap and can hardly function some days and no amount of positive thinking is going to take away the agonizing pain we live with. While most of us keep a pretty good attitude, it is hard to ignore the pain that we suffer day in and day out.

After not being able to really eat and enjoy the taste of things and not getting a whole lot of relief of symptoms, I started turning to clothing to find comfort. It started with LulaRoe leggings but I quickly became tired of them because I lost so much weight so fast that even they were baggy and once I got my g tube I needed a belt loop to tie my drain bag to…yea my stomach contents get special treatment. Don’t get me wrong I still love wearing a buttery soft pair of leggings, but I also feel more put together wearing jeans. I struggled with anemia for awhile and with mast cell and POTS my body temps make me have the chills or fevers so I end up FREEZING which is where wearing sweaters come into place. It doesn’t matter if you live in Florida or Texas with extremely hot climates, by golly we will wear a cardigan or sweater in 83 degree weather if we feel like it. I love the softness and the coziness that they have to offer so I am always following other bloggers that live in cold climates to see their top picks and then I wait for a good sale. Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Nordstrom seem to be my favs right now because they have some AMAZING sales currently I bet if you looked in a spoonies closet you would see more long sleeves than short.

Tops, I live for over sized v neck tops. A scoop neck is always cool to hide the central line in my chest but when you are hooked up to a pump its so much easier to wear a nice over sized v neck that allows easy access to your line but helps hide the giant bulge from under your shirt. When I saw I dress for comfort, I am not kidding. There is no dressing up unless for some crazy reason we go somewhere nice, it just doesn’t make feel “better”. I definitely think this is where my love for cozy fashion has stemmed from..that and the fact that I worked in retail for four years. When you can’t do anything medically speaking to change your situation you begin to look for other avenues. You gravitate towards the one thing that changes how you feel even the tiniest bit because for that brief moment it helps you feel a little more like a person..


  • 1. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. 2. the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress. verb
  • 1.ease the grief or distress of; console.

    Cardigan Jeans

    This cardigan is on my Spoonie Favorites page and currently you can get 20 percent off if you buy in store and use Target’s cartwheel!



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