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Rumpole and the Younger Generation; A Walker’s Manual; Grow Old Along with Me, The Best Is Yet to Be

  • Rumpole and the Younger Generation (John Mortimer, 1978)
  • A Walker’s Manual (Bette Pesetsky, ?)
  • Grow Old Along with Me, The Best Is Yet to Be (Penelope Lively, ?)

Started the week off with a quick rereading of the first of Rumpole’s stories, neatly encapsulated in a tiny, nearly squarish Penguin 60s imprint. It’s a fun romp, full of wit and humour, and I highly recommend his acquaintance if you are not already a fan.

For the other two stories, I chose the two seemingly shortest ones from New Women & Fiction. As I’ve decided to also read other material outside of the short story genre, I’ve cut myself some slack and am no longer restricting my choices to pre-2000, foreign and any other story.

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