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Review: Keeper of the Lost Cities #3 Everblaze

Everblaze (Keeper of the Lost Cities book three) by Shannon Messenger.

Three books in the series in three days. I am still loving this series, so much so that rather

than a blog with a critical review this is starting to feel like some kind of fan girl crazy obsessed thing going on!

About half way through this book I wondered if I was done with the series, and if it had lost it’s hold on me – but then I came back with a bang at the ending, and just have to clean my house before I start book four!

I like that book three has in many ways wrapped up the first of the story arcs, and we will obviously have quite a shift for book four. In that way, it almost reads like two trilogies rather than one series of six. However the story is as captivating as ever.

Sophie continues to be a great narrator, and an incredibly trustworthy one. Her friends also develop a lot more in this book, which is some really nice character development. As well as this Sophie’s parents also develop a little more awareness and come out of their haze, which was also nice character development.

The action scenes continue to be really well written and I enjoyed them immensely. Also… can we just take a moment to appreciate Keefe and the humour he brings to the book? He manages to lighten the most series of situations, which is definitely his special talent!

“And I’m the only one with a plan,” Fitz reminded them.
“Hey- I’ve got plans,” Keefe argued.
“Plans that don’t involve tormenting Dame Alina,” Fitz clarified.
“But those are always the best plans!”

I just paused in my writing to read some goodreads reviews  I was after some ideas which might provoke a little more of a critical response, but it seems that others love this series just as much as I do.

You can read my book one review here and my book two review here.

Now I am off to clean my house so I can start book four!!

Mrs K

Genre: Adolescent fiction, action, drama, adventure, speculative fiction

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