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“i wan’t to be your soulmate, even if i don’t believe in it”

his Girl is the third and last installment  of  “Slammed” series, by New York times best seller Author COLLEEN HOOVER. The story is continue with Will Cooper and Layken Cooper. Yes, you hear right, this is story of Layken or Lake Cooper. who just got married with the boy that she seriously, deeply, madly, incredibly and undeniably in love with.

In “This Girl” Will tell us the story….. how he and Lake first met, their first date, first slam, first kiss, first fight, first would be rather, first sweet and sour and much more moments from will point of view because his wife wants to know everything about her husband and his thoughts and views when he first saw her.

“I cross my street unable to take my eyes off the girl in the U-Haul”

This girl, after Slammed and Point of retreat is also butterflying beautiful fantastic, this series is kind of  series that make you laugh, cry, it will make your heart skip a beat, this story is filled with love and romance between Lake and Will, with inspiring mother like Julia, supportive friends like Eddie and Gavin, and neighbor like sherry, amazing kids like Kel, Caulder and Kiersten and their amazing love for each other.

 If you have already read SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT, you won’t want to miss this. This boy and this girl…. yes WILL and LAKE get their final piece of the puzzle and if you want to know the sweets of  Will, …..go get the book and read