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Oh No! Where’s Nana and Opa?

That was the question asked today!

We started the day off with a drive to our first stop.  Pictures were taken, we chatted and went for a walk.

Back to the station for one more picture and then they were gone!

Not us little guys but the real Nana and Opa!

Where did they go and why did they leave us behind sitting on the railroad track?  We are usually grabbed up and put in our carrying bag.

We have no idea what was to become of us.

All morning we waited, ducking out of sight when a dog and his big person walked by.  We didn’t want to end up as a chew toy.  Where could our big people be??

Oh the sun was shining hotter and we heard steps coming closer.  Could this be our rescue?  No it was a herd of teenagers walking the tracks.  They smelled of pizza so we think they came from the restaurant up the line and were heading back to school.

This could be the end of us!  What if they spot us?  What will they do?

But wait we hear a car racing down the road.

We try to yell to let them know but fear those big feet walking closer will hear.

The car tires crunch on the gravel as it pulls into the parking lot just as the big feet walk by.  Whew the teenagers didn’t notice us but wait now there is another set of shoes coming.

Yay! Our big people have returned and brought us a treat.

We are very happy to be reunited.

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