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My crazy brains…

Today, I suddenly realized I had a weird connection to erasers.

Ok, I already can hear eyes rolling! Come on, this is not the first bizarre thing I tell you Lovelies about myself! Aren’t you used to it yet?

First of all, for as long as I remember, there is only one brand of eraser that has been worth using, in my opinion.

Even as a child, this is the only eraser I would use.

Which is funny because back then, it was very “in” to collect tiny erasers of all shapes colors and sizes. They were cheap, and it was the cool thing to do. I had a whole box full of them, but I never even tried to use them for what they were… Erasers.

I didn’t trust the pink and baby blue ones either. It seemed the pink side always left some pink traces on the paper, and the blue side, supposed to erase ink….? Meh! Yeah… No!

Oh! Oh! Oh! But they weren’t the worst!

You remember these babies, don’t you?? These are a disgrace to the eraser family. I never understood why they didn’t take the same Mars Plastic the Steadtler erasers were made of, and put that on the tip of pencils…

I wouldn’t get caught dead, trying to erase something with one of those…. (LOL)


Proof: This is my work pencil, and look how neat the tip is, even after many months of usage!!


Where was I going anyway, with this whole eraser thing???  Oh! Yes!!




Here, please meet my office eraser! I sometimes wonder why I even have one. Most of my writing being done via the keyboard nowadays, my pencil is almost useless. But still, every working day, I take pencil and eraser out of my drawer “just in case”!

And everytime, I take a moment to rub my Staedtler on a blank piece of paper, or simply on the edge of my desk, to make sure its whole surface is perfectly white!


I had not noticed that habit, because it was so natural to me. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid. Should I seek therapy? I don’t think so, it hasn’t had any negative effect on my life so far…. But it is weird to feel satisfaction, looking at the whiter than white eraser in my hand.

And now I am aware of it.


I think I’ll leave you with a shot of my office erasing team…


I bought the pink one when I was training for my current job. Booh Boss enjoyed pointing out every mistake I made… Ok, still does too, but I got used to it now. It reads “For BIG mistakes” and I thought it was funny.


I know, I know… Some people use their brains to cure diseases and make spaceships. I don’t!













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