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LAPSES IN SELF-CONTROL CAN ESTABLISH A PERCEPTION OF POWER NEUROSCIENCE NEWSJANUARY 15, 2016 Researchers report a lack of self control can establish a perception of power.… READ MORE… SCIENTISTS IMPROVE HUMAN SELF-CONTROL THROUGH ELECTRICAL BRAIN STIMULATION NEUROSCIENCE NEWSDECEMBER 13, 2013 Researchers successfully demonstrate a technique to enhance self control through a new form of brain stimulation. … READ MORE… THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON NO SELF-CONTROL NEUROSCIENCE NEWSJUNE 6, 2012 MRI images show what the brain looks like when you do something you know you shouldn’t. New pictures from the University of Iowa show what it looks like when… READ MORE… SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES MAY BE CONTROLLING YOUR MIND – HERE’S HOW TO TAKE CHARGE NEUROSCIENCE NEWSJANUARY 8, 2018 A study looks at the impact social media has on our personal lives.… READ MORE… THE FEAR OF LOSING CONTROL AND ITS ROLE IN ANXIETY DISORDERS NEUROSCIENCE NEWSDECEMBER 13, 2017 The fear of losing control over thoughts and actions can impact OCD behaviors and other anxiety disorders, researchers report.… READ MORE… BRAIN REMAPS ITSELF IN CHILD WITH DOUBLE HAND TRANSPLANT NEUROSCIENCE NEWSDECEMBER 6, 2017 Researchers report massive cortical reorganization was reversed in a child who received a double hand transplant following amputation in infancy.… READ MORE… HOW TO CONTROL TRAFFIC ON CELLULAR HIGHWAYS NEUROSCIENCE NEWSNOVEMBER 10, 2017 Findings from Rutgers researchers may help to develop new treatments for spinal cord injuries and neurodegenerative diseases.… READ MORE… LINK BETWEEN NIGHTMARES AND SELF HARM NEUROSCIENCE NEWSNOVEMBER 2, 2017 Researchers report that while sleep disruptions contribute to a number of psychological disorders, it appears only nightmares are associated with increased risk of self harming behaviors.… READ MORE… WANT TO CONTROL YOUR DREAMS? HERE’S HOW YOU CAN NEUROSCIENCE NEWSOCTOBER 19, 2017 University of Adelaide researchers report a specific combination of techniques can increase a person’s chance of experiencing a lucid dream.… READ MORE… WHO IS RESPONSIBLE IF A BRAIN-CONTROLLED ROBOT DROPS A BABY? NEUROSCIENCE NEWSJUNE 30, 2017 As brain controlled robots and neuroprosthetics are rapidly growing in popularity, researchers impress the need to create guidelines to help insure safe and beneficial use of brain machine interactions. … READ MORE… RULES OF THE NEURAL ROADS: TRAFFIC CONTROL IN YOUR SYNAPSES NEUROSCIENCE NEWSJUNE 14, 2017 Researchers investigate the path of synaptic vesicles.… READ MORE… MIND CONTROLLED DEVICE HELPS STROKE PATIENTS RETRAIN BRAIN TO MOVE PARALYZED HANDS NEUROSCIENCE NEWSMAY 27, 2017 Researchers use BCI and exoskeleton technology to allow people with paralyzed hands following stroke to regain movement and control of their limb.… READ MORE… Share this:
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