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Laugh Now (2010)

by Rahiem Brooks(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 3
0578057778 (ISBN13: 9780578057774)
Prodigy Publishing
review 1: I really like Andre and Kareem Bezel and I was rooting for them to come out on top the whole book. I love the cunning and suave characteristics that Kareem possess. At such a young age both brothers sought out a life full of fame and fortune. Even though Kareem was the youngest he was very clever and getting what he wanted and stayed two steps ahead of the game to save his brother from his bad choices. I love the young love that was captured with both couples, Tasha and Andre’ as well as Toi with Kareem. The story captured me from beginning to end. A definite 5 star read
review 2: There I was passing through the mall, and this young man stopped me to tell me about his book. Now I was apprehensive about stopping, but I was equally impressed that he stopp
... moreed me. He pitched me the plot of his novel, and didn't think because I am an elderly that i couldn't read, so I bought his book to support him. And I loved it.Laugh Now was very fast paced, just how I like my movies. Everything was done neatly and clearly. I am a lifelong Philadelphian, and Mr. Brooks effectively placed me on every corner that the characters were on. Even when there was a bit of Hollywood in the novel, it rang of believability. I can't wait to read part 2, because I wanna know if Dre goes to jail and Kareem continues on stealing. less
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Great read from an ambitious author. Looking ahead for the next one.
Clever and engaging; characters and storyline.
Love it
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