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The Living Image (2010)

by P.M. Richter(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 5
Pamela M. Richter
review 1: A Delightful Book!Sabrina is a gorgeous model/boutique owner who discovers heridentical twin tanning next to her at a small tanning salon. Only, Sabrina doesn't have a twin and Eve is actually a computer clone of her created by a quirky scientist and tanning salon owner. Sabrina quickly ends up escaping men with guns, taking Eve with her. Eve is introduced to life while Sabrina and her boyfriend, Mark work with Eve to evade lethal lawyers, the CIA, the KGB and some avaricious Japanese businessmen all with twisted intentions for Eve.This was an entertaining story with an intriguing plot and engaging characters. The story mixes adventure with Eve's developing understanding of being human. The story has humor, particularly in several of the secondary characters. Overall, this... more was an engaging solid diversion of a book! Sometimes that's all you need!I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
review 2: Los Angeles fashion designer and model Sabrina Miller went to a tanning salon and came out with a female who was her exact double. She named the duplicate Eve. Eve not only looked identical to Sabrina she shared Sabrina’s memories and feeling…Eve was a human with a computer in her brain. She was not only incredibly smart she was strong and virtually indestructible. It sounds like total science fiction, but was a book filled with moments of deep emotion and terrible terror. The doctor responsible for Eve’s creation had a heart attack followed by a stroke; the equipment in his lab was destroyed so he could not share his knowledge even if he wanted to do so. The CIA, KBG, and a Japanese industrialist all wanted to study and dissect Eve to duplicate and use the technology in her brain. This book is beyond doubt one of the most interesting books I have read in quite some time. less
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Romantic Suspense. As author I enjoyed writing the novel, and I hope others will enjoy the book.
Enjoyed this book. some chapters rated five stars but others three so ended up giving four stars.
It wasn't the book for me. Did not finish it.
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