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Scrivener's Moon (2011)

by Philip Reeve(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
Fever Crumb
review 1: Scrivener's Moon is the third installment in the Fever Crumb series. In this book Fever has left her friends and the traveling show behind and has returned to London with her parents. A large portion of this book is dedicated to the Engineers' plans to uproot London and move forward with their plans to move the city. I liked this book but not quite as much as A Web of Air which was much more beautifully written and had a more interesting plot. I felt that this book showed that Fever had grown more as a person and was learning that it's okay to be irrational at times. Fever shows more of her sensitive side in this book. Overall, a good read but I felt it lacked the substance and quirkiness of the previous volumes.
review 2: Picking up where A Web of Air leaves o
... moreff, this title follows Fever Crumb to London. Although she is glad to be reunited with her mother and father, she feels uncomfortable in the city, now resting atop huge treads in preparation for moving somewhere else. When she and her mother set off on a journey north, they are betrayed, and Fever watches her mother die before her eyes. She is rescued by a warrior tribe who follow the prophecies of a girl named Cluny whose visions turn out to be related to the voices Fever herself hears in her head. As the various sides prepare for battle, Fever rejects much of what she has been taught and decides to chart her own path. The world-creation here is absolutely stunning, and there are passages that will have readers weeping in sympathy for Fever once she returns from being captured, but her own father is too preoccupied with his city on wheels and his dislike of emotions to embrace Fever. The aptly-named Charley Shallow is the perfect villain, loyal to no one except himself, prone to saying anything to get what he wants. One of the saddest parts of this story, though, involved the decision the government makes to take only essential personnel and leave behind thousands of citizens when London must leave. less
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I didn't like this one so much because of some of the viewpoints Fever walks away with.
I liked the series overall. Interesting take on a post apocalyptical world.
Entertaining. Didn't prefer the love interest :/
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