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Rose And The Alien (2011)

by Nikki Palmer(Favorite Author)
2.73 of 5 Votes: 5
Nikki Palmer
review 1: Okay, this story as far from erotica as an erotica short can get. It was, however, entertaining. A young woman goes online to find a hot date, and comes across someone she thinks is roleplaying for an alien encounter. She plays along and gets exactly what he advertised for: sex with an alien. The writing is very amateurish, there are errors and typos throughout, and the sex is laughable. However, so is the humor. And that's why I gave this 3 stars.
review 2: Comedy based around aliens taking what humans say too literally is nothing new, but this story still made me laugh. And, perhaps more importantly, I found it very sexy, not because of the alien - who is pretty unemotional about the idea of having sex with a human - but because of Rose's dedication to
... morepursuing her own pleasure untroubled by the unconventional nature of the satisfier of her needs. And the story has a plot twist which had me practically clapping my hands in glee. less
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Didn't liked it anything about it. The alien guy just annoyed me.
Just because it's free doesn't mean I need to get it.
It was an ok book. Had some really hot parts to it.
Very short but freaking hilarious. I wanted more.
*downloaded for free on ARE
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