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Kiss Me If You Dare (2009)

by Nicole Young(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
080073159X (ISBN13: 9780800731595)
Fleming H. Revell Company
Patricia Amble
review 1: [SPOILER ALERT, by the way]SERIOUSLY?This is an IMMORAL book disguised as a Christian one. I do not know about anyone else´s moral compass but how can assisted suicide be punishable and several coldblooded murders (or drug dealing, leaving your wife and kid in mortal danger, driving your son into suicide) be pardonable??? I do not mean the legal side, the heroine accepted the official punishment for relieving her grandma from suffering even though she was morally blackmailed into it and this seemed plausible as far as the first part went. But then Tish also had to go through a lot in the aftermath and always had to suffer from other people´s bad choices and crimes while she kept blaming herself - for being stupid or not loveable. This soon started getting on my nerves a... mores much as the constant reference to GOD´S WILL whenever anyone was suffering.But let´s get to the BAD GUYS of which there are very many in these books so I will only pick three: Candice survives all consequences of her crimes, manages to lay blame on the man she allegedly loves and misguides and seriously damages Tish who she also claims to love. In the immoral end of the story she is rewarded by being forgiven by Tish and by being loved by the man she blamed for two of her murders who is a former policeman and who is aware of her crimes. ? !Tish can much too easily forgive her family who never tried to find and support her or her great-grandma who initially blames her for most that went wrong in the family. But how can a woman in the blink of an eye forgive her father who never inquired after her in thirty years so that she grew up an orphan and who left her mother behind to save his own life for her to be killed by the men who were after him? And how can he speak of love for Tish just like that, does he even know what loving Tish would have meant?Thirdly there is wolf in disguise Denton. He also never took care of his family but went on to found an institute supporting kids from all kinds of damaged backgrounds (damaged physically and psychologically). His double standard is clearly revealed to us in many moments when he treats people harshly. But foremost: How can he let his son sink into depression and develop suicidal tendencies withholding the information that could have triggered his will for living? And how can he transfer his "affection" (that by the way is hardly noticable in his behaviour) to Tish and indirectly tell his son that everyone is better off without him and not only be forgiven in an instant by both, but also be embraced and loved by them in the end?That book, though stylistically well-written like the other two, is cleary implausible in its action and immoral in its message. It is probably meant to be an appeal to practice Christian forgiveness and love but misses its aim by far. I enjoyed book 1 as an introduction to an original character who doesn´t let exceptional hardships get her down and I mostly liked the action side in book 2 (though a little implausible and a little too full of "God´s will"-references) - but book 3? Harder to endure than Job´s suffering in the bible.
review 2: Loved it, though I'd almost prepared myself for an unhappy ending, the way this story has been unfolding, I wasn't too upset, to see Patricia get a break for once. This protagonist has really been through the ringer in this last one of the three books. Loved it like the other ones, again mostly because I liked the author's style and her way of describing imperfect people, which we all are imperfect, sometimes bad decisions lead to bad outcomes, sometimes we can turn things around, and sometimes we can't. less
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Brilliant! I'm sad this series is over!
Would like to see more from this author
Very good series!
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