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Nickerson Barbie 2 (In The Name Of Love) (2013)

by Mimi Renee(Favorite Author)
4.66 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This was a great continuation to book 1. I was on edge the whole time I read the book. Some parts were very gruesome. Some parts were freaking hilarious. This was a page turner. Barbie and Nephew were meant for each other. The love they share is rare. Barbie still needs psychiatric help. She definitely doesn't need a baby. She needs some meds. Miracle and Valerie were friends Barbie couldn't live with and couldn't live without. Although the book had many errors, I still give it five stars because I couldn't put it down. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good Urban Fiction book. Can't wait to read part 3.
review 2: MiMi Renee never disappoints, when writing her page turning stories. She takes her pen and continues to light up the pages of Nicke
... morerson Barbie 2. In part two, Barbie continues to battle with the voices in her head as well as her mother-in-law. With the help of Rita, Toni is on to Barbie and she's not stopping until she gets her away from her son. Nephew continues to clean up situations. I swear he has a few loose screws in his head, and being Barbie's husband doesn't make things any better. Like his wife, Nephew has a passion for cleaning by way of killing. There's no wonder he can handle Barbie and her twisted ways. I'm not surprise when he takes part in the payback to Barbie's friends for their backstabbing underhandedness. I enjoyed reading about the Barbie and friends, and can't wait for the next part of the saga. Shout out to the Authoress for putting down another banger!! less
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OMG! I might sound CRAZY but I'm a Barbie fan she is off the chain.....waiting on pt3
Barbie is not to be FU^&ED with..........this girl is crazy!!!!
I can't wait for part 3.
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