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In Plain Sight (2000)

by Marie Harte(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
Cougar Falls
review 1: I was a little unsure with the female being Sarah from bk1. She has a bad reputation & overly flirtatious. All is explained and what seemed as desperate in book 1 was Sarah just pushing his buttons. None of the rumors are true. She really was done wrong. Cullen was so cute. You gotta love a predator who is reduced to 5 words or less around her. Cullen comes to Sarah's rescue and takes her home to heal. My only issue with the story is way to much time spent on the whole: I like him-does he like me. I want him-does he want me. I don't trust men-is he just going to use me. He was just as bad at times. I was about to give up until Bam. It happens and Cullen's family comes home. They are funny, loving and get the book going. I loved Cullen.
review 2: The author Mari
... moree Harte always does such a nice job with her Shifter stories. I am pretty much obsessed with her Cougar Falls series. In Plain Sight is book two in the Cougar Falls series. This story is about bird shifters Cullen and Sarah. Poor Sarah falls for a guy and sleeps with him and later discovers that he is married/mated to another. The guy is a real piece of shit and brags to his friends about Sarah pretty much ensuring gossip would start up and she would be labeled the town slut. The jerk is the leader of one of the Actaw clans and the men really go out of their way to make Sarah's life miserable. Finally Sarah has enough and just snaps. In front of a whole busy diner she tells her side of the story and then leaves to pack up her stuff and move out of Cougar Falls. Cullen is also a bird shifter and he has a thing for Sarah. When he realizes she is going to leave for good he intercedes. I don't want to give away the whole plot of the story but he ends up taking care of Sarah after a fight with the jerks wife. I like Cullen as a character because he is not the typical smooth talking Hero. At first he comes across as really abrupt but it quickly becomes endearing once you get a peek into his head and you figure out he is just afraid to blow it with Sarah. Once he finally starts talking to Sarah in more then one word answers its game on! This book is not too long. It took about three/four hours to finish it. The perfect length for an evening of entertainment. I enjoyed this book and I think you will too. less
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Originally read 4/14/2013 - 3.5 out of 5Re-read 8/30/13 - 3 out of 5
Interesting take on bird shifters.
Re read 9-30-12
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