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Burned Bridges (2012)

by Marguerite Ashton(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 2
1480272310 (ISBN13: 9781480272316)
The Crossing
review 1: As sad as I am to say this entire story totally confused me. I wanted to like the characters I really did.Traci was annoying. The boyfriend I forgot his name I just remember the whole secretary at the house fiasco. The two men.. I think ones name was Norman (the doctor), Jessie the sponsor, and Olivia the psycho killer. Oh wait I forgot the husband Bruce. The kid was soon forgotten as soon as he came and the other one was so out of touch with the story line that I have no idea what in the world I was really reading. I didn't hate the story but I did not love it either. I honestly walked away wondering what in the hell I had just read.
review 2: Recovering alcoholic Traci is newly sober, in a relationship, and building friendships with three other recovering al
... morecoholics. When one of the three, Olivia, begins to act strangely, Traci and her friends start to suspect a deeper problem than Olivia falling off the wagon. Traci's tenuous emotional state begins to crumble as Olivia pulls her on a twisting journey of codependency and deception. Amid dealing with Olivia's problems, Traci also must reexamine her relationship with her possibly cheating boyfriend and her own family secrets.Burned Bridges was a compelling novel with a realistic portrayal of the legal world (Traci is a paralegal and her boyfriend, a lawyer). Those who like stories about addiction and childhood trauma will also find this an interesting story. There are suspense qualities to this book, but the story reads more like Traci's personal journey which made me think of women's fiction. less
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Amateur writing was too much for me to get through the book. Characters lacked depth.
Won in Goodreads First Reads Contest. Received on Thu, Jan 17 2013. TO REVIEW.
Great story and amazing characters. I didn't want to put it down.
Nothing wrong, just not something I enjoy. DNF.
Predictable and poorly written.
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