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Glimmering Light (The End Begins) (2014)

by Margot Hovley(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: Great continuation of the first trek of the hatch family from the exit from WA to salt lake. Love the characters are are routing for them. Spoiler:Now they get to orders to head out again. This time to Missouri. The Ogden governing body wants to place tracking chips in everyone. They also want to come and take all the Mormons supplies so they must act fast. Amelie gets another assignment from the elders... She must make contact with each young person 14-18 and do a survey of they talents and interests. She makes friends along the way and organizes youth to help her in each stake. The huge undertaking helps keep the youth unified for a joint mission at the end. The over land excursion runs into hardships along their trek: a armored tank attack taking their supply trucks, d... moreeath, births, medicine truck supplies stolen, cold, snow drifts, but they make it through together. While Amelie is struggling zack is put in charge of an important mission with the legion to deliver a small secret package to Missouri. He and two others, trey and Christian set out on horseback to get the package of seeds and plans to make the electricity come back on after Ogden wanted to use the info to control people with it's use. Many try to stop them along the way. The threesome become very close over their travels and gain strength from each other. A love able bunch. Zack worries about Amelie and if she is safe and if her feelings have changed. They are reunited and decide to get married to face the upcoming trials together rather than have zack off on another assignment for 3 months. The sinerious of the plot are scarily possible.
review 2: I've been anxiously awaiting the sequel to Sudden Darkness, and I finally had the chance to read it. I would classify this as a YA LDS dystopian with romantic elements. I don't usually read a lot of YA novels and definitely not dystopians, but I love this series. Zack and Amélie are such strong characters. They don't think they're worthy of their callings but the way they push themselves for better and help others around them makes me wonder if I'd be able to have that kind of faith and strength in a similar situation. Like with "Sudden Darkness", "Glimmering Light" is thought provoking and sobering. At numerous times throughout the story I thought: "What if this really happened?" Its premise brushes close to the possibility of a reality that is not very hard to imagine. It paints a grim picture of an alternate society but at the same time there is with an elemental hope that not all is lost. The parallels to Book of Mormon and pioneer stories brought an emotional response from me that took me by surprise at times. The ending was sweet and positive despite the hard times the characters face, and I would definitely love to see a conclusion to Zack and Amélie's story, one that brings everything together and them settled in their new world. I recommend reading "Sudden Darkness" before reading "Glimmering Light". It's a quick series, easy to read, and appropriate for teens. less
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Makes you think..... Wasn't expecting much, but it kept me turning pages.
Amazing!:) A definite must read!!! I love this one as much as the first:)
Really like this series!
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