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101 (2012)

by Margaret Chatwin(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 2
1468134299 (ISBN13: 9781468134292)
Whisk Away Books
review 1: This book was amazing! From the very beginning I was sucked into Trigg and Ren's lives and I couldn't put it down. It was well written and the story line flowed perfectly. I also appreciated the fact that I was kept guessing what would happen next. I felt somewhat disconnected from the characters and I wasn't able to get emotionally involved (maybe it was the length), however, this didn't keep me from enjoying every single page. I loved the ending and I felt like Ms. Chatwin wrapped up the story beautifully. I would definitely recommend this as a quick afternoon read!
review 2: Let me just start out by saying this was wonderful, I enjoyed reading every last bit of itTrigg and his sister (Ren) get sent to township 101 when they try to stand up to their abusive f
... moreather. Trigg and Ren get separated, girls live to one side and the boys live to other side kind of thing. Trigg promises he'll find her, and that's when the drama starts..I loved seeing Trigg's character grow. Trigg is the person that's not a fighter--he's just a nice person, who doesn't know how to fight. So when people are beating him up what does he do? Just lays there and takes it until they stop. But when you read more of the book he gets stronger, and learns how to actually fight! I also loved how much he loved his sister and would do anything for her.Ace... OMG Ace, I seriously love to hate that dude. That dude is the sickish, butt face I've ever known/read. He did things just for the enjoyment of seeing others in pain. That guy just got on my nerves. There were plenty of other important characters (Ren, Bobby Joe, Riker,and Pintar) but those were just the main protagonist and antagonist. There was a little bit of romance (I loved the romance between two certain characters). But it had a lot of other things like, action, and drama.. ohh the drama! I was in tears with some of the things that happen, Ace being the cause of the things happening. This book to me was sort of uplifting in a twisted way. I can't tell you why without telling the whole story so, I'll let you figure that one out yourself.Overall, very enjoyable book. It was a quick read, was packed with tons of action, had an amazing storyline, and great characters, and a touch of romance. less
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This was a good book. It kept me interested and wanting to read more. Thumbs up to this Author.
Rough and tough- for your bad self. Tender and sensitive- for the gushy in you.
This was a very intense book and I loved it.
Incredible. Review to follow
Review coming soon!
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