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The Bride Wore Pearls (2012)

by Liz Carlyle(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 2
0061965774 (ISBN13: 9780061965777)
Fraternitas Aureae Crucis
review 1: I've enjoyed reading this series. This book gives us answers about Rance's mystery, and we get to know about Anisha. There are a number of characters sprinkled throughout the book, and Rance and Anisha's romance was fraught with more angst than I really like. However, all eventually came to pass. I just wish I had a better feel for some of the supporting characters, who seem a bit too perfect (especially Rance's valet). I'm glad the next book is about Napier, as he was certainly an interesting character in this book.
review 2: I always enjoy these books... in this one, which at the beginning overlaps the book before and at the end overlaps the book after, is no exception.I love that almost all of these books are interlinked, characters who seem unimportant in t
... morehis book, probably have their own story in another book, including George Kemble, and the de Rohan family, and the Rutledge family and the Treyherns... the MacLachlan clan feature in it too.Yes, it foollows a format, and yes, you can probably work out what is going to happen at the end... it's just the who and the how - but like I have said before, Regency Romances are my equivalent of literary fast food & this is one of the best. It's quick and hassle-free to read, and I do enjoy them... plus, it's way better for me than a burger & chips right! less
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A spicy romantic story with a clever and charming hero and heroine.
blah...not very good.
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