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Schatten über Somerton Court (2014)

by Leila Rasheed(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
3596030773 (ISBN13: 9783596030774)
Fischer Taschenbuch Verl.
At Somerton
review 1: Omg, it is again the perfect match of Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl! I couldn't remember much from the first book but a lot came back as I read this one; and also if you don't know the first book at all you can read this easily. I love Ada, I love Rose. Both, their stories are so unique! The end of the book makes you want the third book ASAP! How shall I wait until 2015?! + the German covers are pure cover-love!
review 2: There must have been a sizable gap between when I read At Somerton and Diamonds and Deceit, because I actually thought, when I picked up this second novel in the series, that I had skipped a book. Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention when I read the first one? Anyway, as it turns out I think I liked this one better! The sisters aren'
... moret as close and are each dealing with their own trials, and Rose's ascent from daughter of the housekeeper to daughter of the lord of the manor is fun to read about. less
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Just what I needed to get me through my Downton Abbey wait! Loved it!!
A young adult Downton Abbey recap - satisfying period story.
Loved every page. A solid read. Eagerly awaiting book 3.
Can't wait for the third book!!!!!
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