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The Wonder Of Charlie Anne (2010)

by Kimberly Newton Fusco(Favorite Author)
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0375861041 (ISBN13: 9780375861048)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: Times are difficult for Charlie Anne. Her mother and mother's baby have died from childbirth, and the Depression is in full swing. Papa leaves Charlie Anne and her 3 siblings with their rigid cousin, Mirabel, while he goes north to find employment building roads. Charlie Anne would love to spend her days with her cows in the field, but cousin Mirabel demands that many indoor chores be completed and that Charlie Anne learns manners. Then their neighbor brings home a new wife and with them comes Phoebe, a colored girl who is Charlie Anne's age. Phoebe's mother was killed and this couple have taken her in as their daughter. Prejudice flares in their town and Charlie Anne is out to prove to everybody that Phoebe is a person everybody should be lucky to know. Charlie Anne's... more voice is so strong throughout this story, that it will be a while before she leaves me. She learns that " in life the good will outweigh the bad if you give it half a chance." This was a story that I could not put down and that many of my 4th and 5th grade girls will enjoy. It would be a hard sell for a boy because of the cover, but if used as a class read aloud, boys would enjoy it also.
review 2: This book was a little strange with Charlie Anne hearing her deceased mother talking to her, as well as the cows, the river, the flowers, etc. Charlie Anne was a feisty character who nevertheless evoked sympathy for her and the situation she was in. This story takes place in an unnamed town during the Depression when everyone was suffering. Most people were kind to each other and helped each other out, but not everyone. less
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I love this book it warms my heart! Charlie Anne has gone through so much.
Fabulous story!! Awesome characters!
loved it soooooooooo much!!!
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