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Segel Aus Stein (2002)

by Åke Edwardson(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 1
3546002962 (ISBN13: 9783546002967)
Claassen Verlag
Inspector Winter
review 1: If you like the unrelenting procedural, this would appeal to you. It's a pathway that Winter follows and follows and follows. The actual story is not that great, its the why it happened that intrigues, except it never really gets resolved here. I was not that pleased with this story, it left out so much. I read another book that was almost on the same theme of wartime and loss which was much more sinister ( I think it was a Haken Nasser). There is no sense of drama here, no actual menace until the very end, and that ending is almost silly.
review 2: The descriptions of the area and people of Scotland between Inverness and Aberdeen are wonderful and the best part of this book. The book intertwines two plots, one mainly happening in Scotland, the other in Gothenb
... moreurg, Sweden. Both plots are interesting - one reaches deeply into the past (to the Good War), the other has an almost absurd comedy flavor, but they are not much connected. Eric Winter is a caricature of his own (interesting) self from the previous books in the series and his personal struggles and tribulations feel paper-thin. The author tries too hard to affect a serious, literary style. Still, it's an OK read. less
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Not quite as good as the others in the series. Less detective work, more emotional angst.
A tough, smart Swedish thriller with good characters.
not one of his better books, took forever to finish.
Great series.
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