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Her Two Billionaires (2000)

by Julia Kent(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 5
Her Billionaires
review 1: this one was a little bit longer than the 1st books. Dylan finally becomes aware that Mike is dating Laura(his Laura) & sees red. Mike tired of being the 2nd in the threesome all the time decides to see where the relationship with Laura will go & if she would be open to being with him & Dylan. They come to an agreement that Dylan has to get back in Laura's good graces so they can be together as a family that they need. Mike gets Laura up to his cabin & Dylan shows up & things get hot from there & then everything implodes. Laura thinks that the 2 men are using her, her self esteem is low because she isn't skinny & athletic like the woman in the pictures. The story is good because it is dealing in depth with a taboo subject of 2 men loving the same woman & trying to create a... more family the way they need it to be.
review 2: In the third book of this series, the 3 main characters finally come together. It was a little awkward how it happened but, the guys do talk about how that wasn't exactly the plan. However, I am surprised that Laura didn't run immediately after learning her lovers knew each other! It's good to see a women come into her own and not be ashamed of what she wants. Judging by the title of the next book, I can only hope that the billionaires smooth things over since they made the post ménage moment a nightmare! less
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I think the guys could have found a much better way to go about things. Are they cavemen or what!?
Gets a little too "angst" driven. So they know each other, so they're stinking rich, so what!
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