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Harbor Nocturne (2012)

by Joseph Wambaugh(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
0802126103 (ISBN13: 9780802126108)
Mysterious Press
review 1: I like Wambaugh, not deep literature but a guilty pleasure. It had been a couple of decades since my last read of his work, so I read two in a row, this being the second. It's kind of like candy corn, I can eat it forever but reach a point of diminishing returns after a while. I am gorged on Wambaugh after this one, which is fun and enjoyable. I will wait a while before my next Wambaugh. If you like Wambaugh, give Harbor Nocturne a read, if not try the nonfiction "Echoes in the Darkness."
review 2: Another great book in Joseph Wambaugh's Hollywood Station series that he started several years ago. A quick, hard to put down book. Like the previous Hollywood Station books it is about LAPD officers working in the Hollywood Division Station. While there is
... more a main plot line in the book from beginning to end it also has multiple small story arcs of the day in and day out encounters of the Hollywood Station officers. Often hilarious and sometimes shocking and disturbing. less
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A crime or two revolving around an LA precinct in Hollywood. Good characters but not much suspense
Very good police procedural, funny, suspenseful, emotional.
Don't waste your time
a quick fun read.
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