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East Of West, Vol. 3: There Is No Us (2014)

by Jonathan Hickman(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 5
1632151146 (ISBN13: 9781632151148)
Image Comics
review 1: With a first volume that pulled me in with its Sci-fi/western mashup, East of West was on my must-read list for future volumes. Now, after this third installment, I won't be coming back to it. There just isn't enough to keep me here- not a single character to care about, no quotable dialogue and no sense of direction, it just doesn't feel as novel anymore. In a time where creator-owned comics are flooding the market, every writer needs to be on another level, writing masterpieces to keep my attention, otherwise there are plenty of other books to move on to. And that's the case here. There's too much else out there for me to wait around here with Hickman, waiting for something that may never pay off. Grade: C-
review 2: This is a magnificent volume. The pieces a
... morere in place thanks to two volumes of setup (albeit engrossing setup), but this volume sees the storm begin to break and it is glorious.Hickman's masterplan begins to show here and it is not what I expected. Instead of a tightly focused story about Death's quest for his son, we are given a huge cast of characters but left off balance as to who will hold the power in the coming action. From a plot standpoint many threads from the first volume are picked up. The PRA is gearing up for war, Archibald Chamberlain is trying to decide what course of action benefits him most, Death is trying his best to survive an encounter with the Ranger (in a breathtaking no holds barred wrestling/gun fight), and Bel Solomon is dealing with an unexpected guest in his brain. IF that sounds dense and complicated it is, but in the best possible way. Hickman does not write a warm character based story, but he is a master at dense epic mythologies. All in all, if you didn't like the first two volumes, this is not going to change your mind. If you did, this is evidence that the series is in great hands. less
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Fascinated by the myths and ideas behind all of this. What a unique view.
A few answers coming in this trade. Art and color is top notch.
an amazing volume
So great!
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