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The Complete Drive-In (2010)

by Joe R. Lansdale(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
098022604X (ISBN13: 9780980226041)
Underland Press
review 1: Definitely trippy, reads like a weird disjointed dream, and almost defiantly displays some of the author's obsessions beyond the point good sense would dictate, BUT it's an undeniably fun read, he has a great knack for dialogue and creating characters who react to weird disaster like real people actually might. Put me in mind of John Dies At The End in this way, and in the way that Lansdale can describe the weirdness in such plain terms that it's easy to picture, something a lot of horror writers fail to do. Ultimately then, a really good read.
review 2: This book made me feel nauseous. Rather like something slimy and evil had crawled in through my belly button in the middle of the night, painted nasty words on my intestines in its own excrement, and left a tra
... moreil of tears down my thighs on the way out. It also reminded me why I try to avoid horror. Out of fairness, because nothing that elicits that strong of a reaction could have been poorly done, it still gets a decent rating. less
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This was disturbingly great. Because of this book, I am signing up for karate lessons..
Not a great book, but fun and completely twisted (in a good, sick way).
Dark. Weird. Good writing.
Well. That was odd.
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