Voll verzuckert - That Sugar Film Voll verzuckert - That Sugar Film (2014) DokumentarfilmZucker ist in aller Munde. Es ist weltweit das am weitesten verbreitete Nahrungsmittel. Doch welchen Effekt hat Zucker auf uns? Was passiert, wenn die Ernährung vor allem aus zuckerhaltigen Lebensmitteln besteht? Diese Fragen stellte sich der australische Schauspieler und Filmemacher Damon Gameau und wagte den Selbstversuch. Nicht etwa Limonade, Eiscreme oder Schokolade stehen hier im Mittelpunkt, sondern Lebensmittel, die als „gesund“ verkauft werden: ob fettarmer Joghurt, Müsli, Fruchtriegel, Säfte oder Smoothies. 60 Tage lang 40 Teelöffel Zucker täglich aus ebensolchem „Wellness-Food“ zugeführt – so sah Gameaus Diät unter Aufsicht von Wissenschaftlern und Ernährungsberatern aus. Während seines Experiments reiste Damon Gameau zudem durch die süße, weite Welt des Zuckers und schaute der Lebensmittelindustrie auf die Finger, besuchte Fachleute, Ärzte, Wissenschaftler und nicht zuletzt Zucker-Geschädigte. | Bedtime Stories | Episódio 5
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To Eat: A Country Life (2013)

by Joe Eck(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 3
0374278326 (ISBN13: 9780374278328)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
review 1: Gardening is in their bones. So is teaching. And writing. They've written a series of essays about beets, garlic, cucumbers, etc--and the reader learns something of gardening, or of storing vegetables for the winter, or of the writers themselves. Enjoyable, but a certain glibness occasionally entered into the writing style that this reader found off-putting. (I've thought the same of Alice Waters in earlier readings and since changed my mind, so . . .)
review 2: I loved this book. Not that the writing is so excellent that I was compelled to read further, but rather the passion for the subject is a subject that I love. The gardening, the cooking, the passion for southern Vermont - they are all loves of mine and the authors' love of these things come throug
... moreh in the book in a manner that invites me to enjoy it. I am looking forward to buying some seeds of the varieties recommended in the book. I am looking forward to the recipes. I've tried three of them already and they are wonderful. My book is lightly soiled with drippings from the beets I roasted while perusing the book. My soup pot is filled with delicious Passato di Verdure ready to bring to a friends home to share. I am very pleased with this book and will look for others by the authors. less
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Quick read-- It's a gardening/life on the farm book. Enjoyable, but nothing unique.
It's a nice book, with a few interesting bits about variety.
learned alot
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