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Falling Stars, Volume 1 (2014)

by J.L. Brooks(Favorite Author)
4.49 of 5 Votes: 2
Falling Stars
review 1: Falling Stars was a great read! It's not a fluffy sweet read, it a raw and gritty read. Lila is a writer who has a past with a now famous DJ, Hunter. Lila's agent, Dinah, wants her to write about Her relationship with Hunter. Lila wants nothing to do with it. Dinah goes behind her back and brings Hunter in. Lila and Hunter have a past that was not perfect and for a little bit her rekindle their crazy relationship. Something happen that send Lila running. She runs into Grant. Grant is a great man. I was definitely rooting Grant. I like Hunter but Grant in much more put together. There are some parts in the story that I never expected. Without giving anything away, there are some things that happen in Vegas that I really didn't understand at first but after read... moreing the whole book it did make sense. This was the first book I read by J.L. Brooks and it won' be the last. I can;t wait to read more.I definitely recommend you read it.
review 2: This book has A LOT going on! In fact, it's almost like 2 separate stories that kind of come together at the end. It gave me the hippie vibe but set in modern day. The female lead was a bit on the "reckless" side on several occasions, too. I am not sure whether I would say I liked this book or not. It was also a cliffhanger...which frustrated me because there were a lot of unanswered questions. This would be ok if I loved the book and planned to read Volume 2 but I'm not sure I will. less
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Touching story about the strength of love.
review to come on the 28th during the tour
Waiting for book 2
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