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Chasing Blue (2009)

by Jessica Burkhart(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 3
141695841X (ISBN13: 9781416958413)
Canterwood Crest
review 1: In my opinion the book, Canterwood Crest, Chasing Blue, written by Jessica Burkhart is a phenomenal novel of a lost girl named Sasha, who finds herself in one of the top boarding school. Sasha tries to juggle her education and her equestrian life, while fitting in with the other girls. But you have to read the first one to read the second. The reason I think this is such a good book is because the author starts off with a strong beginning of the secret Valentines party that no one knew the location or time. Also, right when Sasha is coming back from a long winter break to greet her beautiful chestnut colored horse, there she is, Heather Fox, (her absolute enemy from the beginning) planning something horrible to her horse standing in front of charms stall. Another t... morehing I really like about this book would be its foreshadowing. For example, before the Sweetheart Sorrie (Valentines part) event little notes are posted all over campus giving clues about when and where it took place. Each note led to another. I personally think this writing was powerful because the author really explains how Sasha really felt, and used very strong words to explain why. I wouldn’t want to change anything about this book. I would recommend this book to any horse rider in the class. Also,if you don't like cliffhangers, or reading other books from a series this bppk is not for you. I am continuing to read the series and still will. I think HORSE fanatics who read the first book, will INSTANTLY want to read more and more.
review 2: CANTERWOOD CREST CHASING BLUEJessica BurkhartRealistic Fiction257 pages Sasha Silver and her teammates are registering for a show when they bump into Jasmine. Heather and Jasmine used to ride together, but then Heather moved to Canterwood Crest. Jasmine is actually meaner than Heather, which almost isn’t possible. She plans to beat Canterwood Crest, but she doesn’t know how good they are. Sasha beats Jasmine in the first class that they are in. Jasmine got so mad that she put oil and sawdust in Aristocrat’s coat. Sasha and Heather are late to run the course because of what Jasmine did. That doesn’t stop them though. Heather ends up beating Jasmine with a faster time. That is the end of her. When they get back to school, Sasha finds out that Paige, her roommate, is now the teen chef for the teen cuisine television show. Sasha has major problems now. She got really mad at Jacob because she thought he and Heather were going out. Sasha is now tangled in a big mess that she made for herself. I really liked this book, because it showed how Heather is nice, but also mean at the same time. When Heather stood up for Sasha when Jasmine was picking on them, she seemed really nice. Then everything changed. I didn’t know that juggling a love life, good grades, and competing in horse shows could be so frustrating and difficult. If I was in this book, I would look up to Sasha. She is very smart and she helps others a lot. She cares not only about herself but also for other people and animals. Sasha is a very good role model. Another reason I liked this book, was because it shows how people my age deal with certain types of things. I can’t wait to read the next book of this series! less
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My daughter loves this series. She is crazy about horses and is a 5th grader.
best book, along with the first book: CANTERWOOD CREST TAKE THE REINS.
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