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The Mark Of The Tala (2014)

by Jeffe Kennedy(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
0758294433 (ISBN13: 9780758294432)
The Twelve Kingdoms
review 1: Most fantasy novels are good at intricate world-building and page-turning plots, and this book does that, too. But this story is also about an ignored middle child growing into herself and discovering the secrets and outright lies in the histories she has been told. Explorations of loyalty, figuring out what the right thing is to do, and different people having different perspectives; this reads like a Young Adult novel, except that the 2 protagonists end up getting married and having wild sex.
review 2: A romance masquerading as a fantasy. It's not terrible but it's not that great either. It suffers from a lack of originality. The world-building is generic Medieval and the characters have more stereotypical traits than they have genuine personality. Everything
... more happens too easily. Princess Andi ripped away from her home loves her kidnapper, King Rayfe of the Tala a little too easily (after all, it's destiny!) At least Rayfe isn't a grade A alpha male asshole. Her father the king is evil because....Kennedy needs a villein. Not a lot of depth. Doubt I'll be reading any further in this series. less
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Now THIS is a book a movie should be made from. Can't wait to read the next one.
Great story. Great characters. I love this. One of my favorites this year.
A bit too short, but the story got told. I'll read the rest of them :)
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