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Finding Our Way (2013)

by Jayson James(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
1480025852 (ISBN13: 9781480025851)
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Finding Our Way
review 1: Finding Our Way follows the lives of best friends Justin and Derrick, who seem to live pretty normal lives; but Justin is torn between his parents’ failing marriage and Derrick is pulling away from his smothering family. Both young men struggle to find their own paths, and discover what they have may be more than friendship. This text presents a complex and emotional view of the difficulties of teen life, and the struggle of discovering one’s sexuality. The text is raw and realistic, and students who are also struggling with their sexuality will be able to identify with the characters’ struggles. From a teacher’s stance, this wouldn’t be the ideal book to teach, however suggesting it to a student who may be dealing difficulties in their lives, be they the everyda... morey struggles of a teen or deeper issues of home life or sexuality may give students something to relate to.
review 2: I will start this out by saying that I hate romance novels. Hate is an awfully strong word; abhor is a stronger one. Regardless of my feelings towards romance and love (they throw it in every movie, every comic, every song...) I read this book because a friend of mine gave it to me and cared about my opinion.. And I'm not one to disappoint. First off, I have many gripes about this book but at the same time, I did enjoy it. It wasn't a tough book to get through. The story is about two friends who discover their feelings for one another as they go through the tormented parts of their teenage years. The story is the first in a series from Jayson James and as far as first time novels go, it wasn't disappointing. The characters start off pretty basic but as the story continues, they grow more depth and become more intricate. The novel switches tenses between the two friends, each giving their perspective on the what is going on. At first it doesn't move the story very far, but the more you read, the more the switching helped the story along. I liked the backgrounds for the two characters, Justin and Derrick, and felt I could identify, at some point in the story, with either. As I've mentioned, I'm not a fan of romance, I tend to lean towards fantasy and horror, but reading this wasn't a chore. Once you get through a bulk of the chapters, you can't help but to wonder what happens next. As for whether or not I'll delve into the other two books in this trilogy, I am not sure. The editing was dodgy at times, and there were instances where certain sentences, passages or phrases were confusing but otherwise, the storyline kept the attention of this reader. less
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Pretty good story but really needs better editing. Errors made it difficult to read at times.
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3.5 stars
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