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The Woods #1 (2014)

by James Tynion IV(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
BOOM! Studios
The Woods
review 1: I'm not normally much of a comic book reader, but I've always wanted to give them a try. I was able to get this for free, so I decided that now was the time. I was pleasantly surprised by this comic! The storyline was pretty original; basically, an entire school disappears from Earth and finds that they are on an alternate planet. I'm a teacher, so I found this to be a pretty cool concept. On the flip side, I also had nightmares imagining myself transported somewhere stuck with all of my students...Aghhhhh!! There were parts of this comic that were a little gory, some that were a tad thought provoking, and quite a few that made me literally laugh out loud (the student council bits). I'm definitely intrigued to see where this is headed, so I will be continuing!! Overall: Th... moree plot of the comic was an unique concept and the storyline was easy to follow. As a new comic book reader, I felt this was a good place to start! Looking forward to the next installment to see where this story goes!
review 2: Fantastic!!! I went into this on pure recommendation from the guys at my local shop. They slid it into the bin, thinking this would be something I'd dig, and I do so I'm glad. Great story so far. Love the High School backdrop. Crash landed on another world? Awesome!! Totally gory in spots, which is great. And the reveal that they weren't in Kansas anymore, so to speak? UGH seeing that ringed moon in the distance was just beautiful. Plus, I like how playful the color scheme is sometimes...I dunno. Kinda have a soft spot in my heart for high school teens thrown into a crazy situation. And I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes. But I'm here for The Woods. 100%. less
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Intrigued! But not totally sold, need to pick up the next couple.
A weird and entertaining first issue!
Ugh...the writing. So bad.
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