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Calling The Show (2012)

by J.A. Rock(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
Loose Id
review 1: This turned out to be a very enjoyable story about two men who shouldn't work well together, managing a relationship that neither one is sure should be happening. Jesse is introverted, prone to anxiety attacks and actually quite an ass. When he is forced to work with Sim as a last minute replacement to the stage crew he is managing, he takes an instant dislike to him. Sim doesn't take Jesse's attitude and tells him off. So begins an unlikely friendship, which morphs into something else. Jesse is on the verge of graduating so he doesn't consider what he does with Sim a relationship. Sim on the other hand doesn't want to be treated like a fuck buddy. Jesse has never had a relationship and is rather socially awkward. What they do have in common, however, is a taste for... more a bit of kink.I enjoyed watching these two navigate their "relationship" and their exploration of their kinks. A lot of the anxiety in the relationship comes from concerns about "labels". Are they boyfriends or FWB, are they a dom and sub and are they enjoying things they shouldn't like. The alternating points of view worked well as the characters are both so different. This was a refreshing, quirky read with humor, light kink, theater geeks, hula hooping and just the right amount of drama.
review 2: Oh my GOD that was hot and beautiful and deep. I liked the characters but most of all Sim (because Jesse pissed me of plenty, though he doesn't mean to so forgiving him is easy). The BDSM is amazing and well explained, not by being explicit (which it was. Hot damn!) but by making clear what it could mean, what it can be about, and how very significant it is that two people would trust each other to do it. Just wow. Rock is amazing and I will have no problem at all purchasing anything he/she does. Heh. So funny and original as well as sweetly romantic without being sappy. A very realistic, heartwarming romance and friendship, just what real love should be (not all that Bella-Edward crap that's sweet as hell yet anything but real). A joy to read, educational, and very insightful as well. What could be better? less
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Not bad but i liked Wacky Wednesday better...
Hooping will never be the same again =D
Holy hula hoops this is a great book.
Very light D/S read. enjoyable.
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